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We Are Family

April 10, 2013

I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made last Friday’s Visitor’s Day a success we had a fantastic turnout and beautiful weather.  Walking amongst attendees during the lunch break, it was great to hear the conversations taking place between our visitors, current students and faculty.

After working in the IDCE Department for a little over two years, I have had the privilege of watching two classes of students grow and blossom before my eyes.  And in May, when the group who began two short years ago graduates, though we will be sad to see them go, we know they leave us as strong, smart, confident individuals who will always have a home at IDCE.  We are not just an academic department, we are a family, a close-knit group that welcomes new members each August at orientation.  It is our sincere hope that you are able to join us this August and choose to pursue your graduate education at the IDCE Department.



Visitor’s Day

March 22, 2013

Visitor's Day 2013

Class of 2015

March 7, 2013

The wait is finally over- the IDCE Admissions Office is happy to announce that all admission letters have been sent out via email to applicants!  We would like to say a great big CONGRATULATIONS to all those who have been admitted for the Fall 2013 semester.  Over the next few weeks, please know the admissions office is ready and happy to answer all questions you may have and to connect you with faculty or current students who may be able to aid you in your decision process.  A Facebook page for the class of 2015 has be created and can be found here.  In the past, incoming students have used this to connect with other incoming students, hear updates from the department throughout the spring and summer months, find a roommate and get to know their classmates.   We would love to see everyone join the group and the discussions.

Also, don’t forget to keep the date of April 5th open on your calendar for Visitor’s Day at the IDCE Department.  If you are interested in attending, you can RSVP by sending an email to  We will keep the website updated with details about the schedule for the day as they become available.

Congratulations once again to all of our admitted students. We look forward to speaking with everyone over the next few months!

front of viewbook


February 22, 2013

Hello Everyone- as winter continues on in New England, we continue on in the Admissions process.   The committees have almost completed their reviews and given their decisions to our office. Over the next week we will be processing admissions decisions and producing letters for applicants. All those reviewed will receive a PDF version of their letter in an email. We will ask you to confirm the address on your letter before we can send it to you.

We understand how nervous/excited everyone is to hear their decision and we appreciate your patience throughout the admissions process.  The number of fantastic applications we have read over the past few weeks is phenomenal and we expect to begin sending out admissions decisions in the first full week of March.  Until then, check out some of the wonderful things going on at IDCE! For more information on the conference beginning tonight, click here: Building Bridges: Peace, Gender Equality, and Women’s Rights in Sudan and South Sudan.

Admissions Process

February 5, 2013

Admissions Update

For everyone who is wondering where we are in the process, if decisions have been made yet, and just when can you be expecting a letter- look no further!
The faculty in our four Admissions Committees have received the applications to begin reviewing, a process which will be conducted over the next few weeks.  In the third week of February they will each meet as a committee and give their decisions to the Admissions Office.  All committee decisions must be approved by the Director of the IDCE Department and Dean of the Graduate School.  Once approvals have been granted, the Admissions Office anticipates letters will begin to be sent out to applicants in the first week of March.  You will receive a PDF version of your letter in an email.

We greatly look forward to the opportunity to read through all your applications!

Reminder to all dual degree applicants

January 31, 2013

This is just a reminder to all dual degree applicants out there, the dual degree application deadline is Friday, February 1st!  Remember that while you do not have to send duplicate copies of your personal statement, resume, letters of recommendation or transcript(s) in, you do need to fill out the online application form for both the IDCE Department and Graduate School of Management.

If you have any questions about your application, please contact the IDCE Admissions Office at or the GSOM Admissions Office at

“How am I gonna pay for grad school?

January 27, 2013

As documents continue to arrive at our office from around the globe, the IDCE Admissions Office is gearing up for the first Admissions Committee meeting, which will take place in the third week of February.  We understand that one of the main questions applicants have, aside from the academic focus of their program, has to do with funding; what options are available to graduate students?  Just a few minutes on the internet searching for funding opportunities to help pay for your studies and you will find hundreds of options- for undergraduates.

The IDCE Department offers a number of generous tuition fellowships to applicants based on merit.  However, occasionally an incoming student will need to supplement their tuition fellowship with other funding sources.  We have compiled a list of external funding opportunties for incoming graduate students to help in that search.  The organizations offering grants, loans, scholarships and awards you will find on this page have helped both current and past IDCE students make graduate school possible.

We encourage all who are looking for options to help pay for graduate school to take a few minutes and explore our external funding page.  Our office will continue to update this page with any new funding opportunities which come to our attention.

IDCE Current Student news note

January 18, 2013

Check out some of the awesome work current IDCE students are doing in this story on our IDCE News blog:

IDCE Grad Students Garner $5,000 Grant from the New Economics Institute

Posted on January 17, 2013

Five IDCE graduate students—Latoya Jones (ES&P ’13), Jenkins Macedo (IDSC ’12/ES&P ’14), Danielle Battle (ES&P ’13), Maya Pilgrim (IDSC ’13), and Mario Torrico (IDSC ’13)—have won a $5,000 grant from the Cambridge, Mass.-based New Economics Institute to host the “New Economy Summit” at Clark University in mid-April. Other IDCE students involved in the summit leadership group include Arun Poojary (ES&P ’13), Mike Cecil (GISDE ’14), Adriana Gallardo (CDP/MBA ’14), and Edison Reyes (CDP/MBA ’14).

The summit will bring together Clark students, faculty, practitioners, experts, and New Economy professionals to discuss how Clark can catalyze a transition to an economic system that is sustainable and socially just on local, regional, and national scales. Participants will share ideas, best practices, and resources on creating “a better community” in Worcester through new forms of local economic ventures, collaboration and community engagement, and discussions on how to make the ideals espoused by the New Economy science an integral part of a Clark education.

“The relationship Clark University has with Worcester and its various community organizations and movements is a perfect fit for hosting a New Economy summit,” said Jones. “How can we help make Worcester a more sustainable and resilient place to live, work, do business, and raise families? Exploring challenges and solutions via a summit at Clark in collaboration with the community could be the start.”

In November, the New Economics Institute created the Campus Network program and solicited college and university students across North America to submit proposals to host Strategic Summits on the New Economy on their campuses. Clark was chosen from among nearly 40 applications. Other recipients include MIT, The New School, Tufts, Ithaca, College of the Atlantic, the University of British Columbia, Northern Arizona University, Gonzaga University and Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and a consortium of North Carolina schools led by UNC-Chapel Hill.

“We were blown away by the dozens of detailed plans we received for exciting events and projects to engage campuses and communities in the work of building the New Economy,” said Rachel Plattus, manager of organizing and development at the New Economics Institute. “These students’ proposals provided exemplary clarity of vision, sensitivity to local context, and opportunities for community engagement and sustained movement building.”

IDCE students have been actively involved in local projects that promote sustainable food systems, community development, environmental justice, social change, governance, and youth development. Because Worcester is growing rapidly as a result of the resettlement of refugees—and other migrants from developing countries—and the constant influx of college students to the area, local new economic ventures are disconnected, according to the grant proposal, in terms of coordination. The summit will make these new ventures more accessible to both students and community members.

“I see the summit—and the parallel summits on the other seven college campuses—as a watershed event in our collective pursuit of an economy built on the principles of ecological sustainability and human well-being,” said Professor of Environmental Science and Policy Halina Brown, who is the group’s faculty advisor. “Building such an economy will require major changes: local initiatives and public policies that foster new forms of business ventures aiming to support local economy and community development, as well as new paradigms in economic sciences and politics in which ecological destruction through unlimited economic growth does not have to be the price of pursuing human prosperity and well-being. Since the 1960s students have been a vital force for social change in this country. I hope this summit is the beginning of a major social movement toward a new economy in the U.S.”

Clark University’s International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE) Department is a community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to fostering environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic well-being in both the developing and developed world. The major forces of social change—grass roots initiatives, social movements, government policy, market approaches, entrepreneurship, technological innovation, individual action, and education—form the core of IDCE’s transdisciplinary studies.

The mission of the New Economics Institute is to build a New Economy that prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet.   More information on Clark’s “New Economy Summit” will be announced soon.

Step-by-Step: An Admissions Decision Timeline

January 17, 2013

After months of contacting recommenders, previous universities, writing and re-writing personal statements, polishing up your resume and re-writing that personal statement one more time, you finally made it- time to submit your application to the IDCE Department.

We understand that the time between application submission and decision notification can seem like a lifetime.  What happens once everything has been sent in?  Where do all your materials go and who makes the decisions?

From the 15th to the 31st of January, your materials are being entered into our database by the Admissions staff.  The Graduate Admissions Manager previews each application before passing them along to the Admissions Committees.  Each program has its own admissions committee made up of the faculty who teach the courses in the program.  Once recommendations have been made in the first week of February, the application files pass to the committees, for review.  Each committee member reads the applications for their program, carefully going through every piece of submitted material.  After the committee has selected a list of those whom they would like to admit, they then chose who the admit list they would like to award tuition fellowships.  This is why a complete application is so important.

By the third week of February, once the committee members have had a chance to review all applicants, admissions meetings for each program are held.  The files are reviewed one final time as committee members discuss and debate each applicant.  After each meeting, the Admissions Office takes the decisions and begins to prepare for decision notification in the first week of March.

We would be more than happy to explain any point of the application process which seems unclear or confusing.  Please feel free to contact our office at with any questions you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Around the world

January 9, 2013

The IDCE Admissions Office is hard at work processing documents coming in to us from around the world, getting ready for the January 15th application deadline, which is now less than one week away!  We have already received so many wonderful applications and had the pleasure of speaking through email, over the phone or in person with a number of our applicants this year.  Don’t forget that if you applied using our online system, you have access to an online application checklist.  With your log-in and password created for your online application, you can sign in and see an updated list of which materials we have received and processed.  Please note that while we may have received certain materials, in takes 1-2 weeks for all your application documents to appear on the checklist.

We enjoy hearing from everyone and can’t wait to dive into the review process, coming up in February!

Peace signPeace sign in the Departmental Lounge in the IDCE House.